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Oversized Shipping in Philippines: Find industry-leaders with ease

You have reached the right page if you are looking for reliable oversized shipping companies in Philippines. Receive up to six free quotations from the best companies at the port of origin and the destination. Finding machinery transport companies online has never been easier. Choose from the best in Philippines or hundreds of reliable companies around the world for international shipments. We give you access to a free, comprehensive toolset for all your shipping requirements. The ShipNest international search engine allows you to find, compare, rate and contact industry-leading shipping companies that specialize in heavy equipment shipping services and a number of other shipping options.

We at ShipNest Philippines, understand that comparing rates for shipping services can be tedious. Our service helps you avoid several telephone calls and emails involved in manual price comparisons. Companies might be slow in responding to thousands of quote requests, and this can delay your shipment. Our partners registered in the ShipNest international shipping search engine, deliver quotations within 24 hours. Our main task at ShipNest Philippines is to review companies that apply for listing in the ShipNest international shipping search engine.

Companies with extensive experience in the oversized shipping trade are listed. Working practices, standards, and pricing is checked thoroughly prior to listing. In addition, companies must have a substantial quantity of positive customer feedback in the area they serve, to be listed. Another important factor that reinforces commitment to high standards is membership from industry bodies like the International Association of Movers (IAM), World Freight Network (WFN), WCA and the MFA. A number of our partners are certified members of industry bodies and this has been highlighted in the search engine. Applicants are subject to a thorough verification process prior to listing.

Our partners understand the importance of technology in successful machinery transport. We make use of cutting-edge technology to move some of the largest construction equipment in the market. Additionally, we facilitate round the clock shipment tracking services, quick updates keep you informed throughout the shipping process. Safety is our number one priority, our partners use skilled personnel, state-of-the-art safety equipment and follow international safety guidelines. Furthermore, we only employ tried-and-tested techniques to minimize risk and maximize safety, efficiency and speed of delivery.

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