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Household Goods Shipping in Philippines: Find the best house movers with ease

We have listed the top notch household goods shipping companies in the Philippines. Welcome to ShipNest Philippines, we give you access to the novel ShipNest international shipping search engine. Use the search engine to find house movers or international residential relocation services. Receive up to six free, no obligation quotations, compare rates and choose a company, we make the otherwise time consuming task of finding reliable movers online, extremely easy. We provide a comprehensive tool for all your relocation needs, read genuine customer reviews, find local or international movers and contact them directly.

Companies listed in the ShipNest international search engine are verified prior to listing. We list companies with a proven track record. Working practices, standards and customer feedback are considered. In addition, a number of our partners listed in the search engine are certified members of industry bodies like the International Association of Movers (IAM), the World Freight Network (WFN), WCA and the MFA. Recognition from such organizations requires compliance with high standards and you can be confident that you are working with the best in the industry when you use our services.

ShipNest is an international network of moving companies, agencies and clearance agents, this gives our partners the resourcefulness and efficiency to deal with paperwork, loading and unloading in a timely fashion, resulting in greater savings and a hassle free shipping experience. Our partners understand that moving homes can be stressful, and more so, when you are moving internationally. No matter which one of our partners you choose, you will be assigned an expert sales consultant to guide you throughout the move. Seasoned professionals take care of the shipment while you sit back and relax.

Listed below are some of the services our partners provide:

Packing and loading

Our moving staff are experts when it comes to packing your household items for shipping. Your goods will be packed by experienced, well trained experts. Our staff are conversant with domestic and international packing standards.

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Customs clearance

You have customs experts around the world at your service. Our experts will take care of documentation, clearance and obtaining permission. We will take care of all the paperwork both at the port of origin and destination for you.

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We have listed professional forwarding agents. It will interest you to know that we have a strong international network for forwarding freight all around the world and we can help you get the best deal, anywhere in the world.

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Speak to our consultants, they will help you get complete coverage for your cargo. Working with us, gives you access to special premiums, discounts and a lot more.

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Air Freight Services

Take advantage of our large network of transfer planes across the globe for fast shipping of household goods. Relocate in a flash, at the best price. We offer flexible delivery options, door to door or door to airport.

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Sea Freight Services

A great solution if you’re looking for a safe and secure shipment. You can ship large volumes to any destination in the world. Sea freight is cost effective, delivery is not as quick as air freight however. You can opt for either full container load (FCL) or less container load (LCL) with door to door or door to airport delivery options.

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Land Freight services

Land freight services are offered by our partners in select destinations. Our land freight services come with three different options you can choose from, these include-: door to door, door to border and door to port deliveries. It is up to you to choose the most convenient option and we will be glad to assist.

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